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13.09.2022Veronika Böhmová – klavír
15.07.2021NIMH Institutional Meeting
30.03.2021What basic principles should a researcher follow to protect his intellectual property well?
08.09.2020State-space approach to brain dynamics: Global descriptors of EEG activity
26.05.2020Concert – Emil Viklický a Petr Dvorský
22.04.2020Kinsky Trio Prague
19.02.2020Concert | Lobkowicz Trio
18.02.2020Clinical seminare
17.02.2020The microstructure of cognition-associated neural coordination and its discoordination in Fragile X model mice
09.01.2020Exchange of practical knowledge and skills with HR Award Holder
09.01.2020Trends in HR processes at LSE – past, present and futures
18.12.2019Christmas Concert
17.12.2019Clinical seminare
10.12.2019Minority stress among non-heterosexuals in Czechia: current research progress
27.11.2019Bioelectronic Medicine, Electroceuticals and other Theranostic Revolutions
20.11.2019Confronting Neural Diseases with Advanced Cellular and Molecular Neurophysiological Methods
05.11.2019Project Art - the way to the soul | J. Špaček – violin & M. Sekera – piano
29.10.2019Molecular characterization of TDP-43-mediated Neurodegeneration in Drosophila models of Human Diseases
23.10.2019Piano Reciatal – Martin Kasík
22.10.2019Links between local sleep disturbance and Alzheimer's disease biomarkers, neurodegeneration and memory impairment
07.10.2019Sexualised behaviour in sleep - a slow-wave sleep parasomnia?
24.09.2019How the process of consciousness transforms and affects the external world
19.09.2019Tech transfer – success story: "Why White Matter Matters: Novel strategies for targeting glia and promoting brain repair"
03.09.2019Organization of action potential discharge in neuronal networks in control of cognition in health and disease
16.07.2019The Epidemic of LGBTQ Depression and Solutions to Stigma-Based Stress
18.06.2019Identification and Interventions During the Bipolar and Schizophrenia Prodrome
10.06.2019Lifestyle interventions in the mental health care
04.06.2019Uncovering glutamatergic mechanisms behind motivational and cognitive deficits in drug addiction
29.05.2019Technology transfer in the UK – best practice, succes story
23.04.2019The secrets of the developing brain
16.04.2019Piano Recital – Boris Krajný
02.04.2019Can EEG change the game? Perspectives of electrophysiological measures in treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders
26.03.2019Modeling Neurological Disorders In Vitro Using Stem-Cell-Derived Cerebral Organoids
12.03.2019Piano Reciatal – Miroslav Sekera
01.03.2019Exhibition in library – paintings and calligraphies
28.02.2019Advances in understanding and treating chronic insomnia
25.02.2019Classical Concert: Václav Hudeček, Lukáš Klánský
12.02.2019Human spatial orientation in real space and its impairments
08.02.2019Exchange practical knowledge and skill with HR Award Holder
03.02.2019Movie Festival "Na hlavu"
02.02.2019Movie Festival "Na hlavu"
01.02.2019Movie Festival "Na hlavu"
31.01.2019Dvořák Piano Quartet
31.01.2019Light and colour in visual and non-visual function
31.01.2019Movie Festival "Na hlavu"
28.01.2019Exhibition in library – paintings and calligraphies
23.01.2019Stigmatization in the USA: a lived experience
08.01.2019Experiments in human-machine interaction
23.07.201823rd World Congress of the International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions
24.06.2018Beyond Psychedelics
23.06.2018Beyond Psychedelics
22.06.2018Beyond Psychedelics
21.06.2018Beyond Psychedelics
27.04.2018Film Festival "Na hlavu"
22.03.2018Beyond Psychedelics
14.12.2017Poster Day
29.11.2017Development of a technological platform for simultaneous EEG-fMRI data integration (seminar)
20.11.2017prof. Mark Ware (McGill University): Medical cannabis program in Canada (seminar + workshop)
28.09.20176th young psychiatrists network meeting Prague
28.05.201723rd Congress of The World Association for Sexual Health
23.05.2017In vivo mapping of the saccadic eye movement network in macaques and marmosets using resting-state fMRI
20.04.2017Film Festival NA HLAVU
03.04.2017The Memory Function of Sleep
21.03.2017Source reconstruction from extracellular potentials, from single cells to the whole brains
13.12.2016Dr. Jane Goodall: "Reasons for hope": which always works well
15.10.2016Beyond Stigma, Towards Equity – International Conference on Mental Health-related Stigma and Discrimination
30.09.2016Beyond Psychedelics 2016
07.06.2016prof. Paul W. Andrews (McMaster University, Canada): The physiological effects of antidepressant medications and their clinicl consequences
13.04.2016Open House Wednesday, 13th of April 2016, from 10:00 till 13:00 we will open the laboratories for visitors
29.03.2016Professor Christos Pantelis (The University of Melbourne).: Risk and resilience for psychosis and developmental disorders: Maturational brain changes and relevance of genetic and environmental factors
25.02.2016Dr. Tom Froese: System Theory to Understand Psilocybin Based Interventions
15.12.2015Methods in behavioural pharmacology. Evaluation of affective functions in animal models
08.12.2015Economic evaluations (lecture is part of the course Basic epidemiology and economic evaluation in psychiatry)
10.11.2015Circadian system and its importance for human physiology
03.11.2015Neurovascular unit and mental health: insights from epilepsy research (Prof. Paolo Fabene, University of Verona)
03.11.2015Neurovascular unit and mental health: insights from epilepsy research (Prof. Paolo Fabene, University of Verona)
07.10.2015Day Care Centre for Seniors – Open house day will be held on 7th October 2015
21.09.2015Department of Cognitive Disorders – Open house day
26.06.2015testovací intranetová akce
24.04.2015International Course 2015 – Leadership and Proffessional Skills in Psychiatry and Neurology

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