MUDr. Yulia Zaytseva, Ph.D.
researcher, lecturer
working at:  Advanced Brain Studies and Consciousness Research Center
v instituci:  2014 - present
telephone: (+420) 283 088 481

Dr Yuliya Zaytseva received MD degree and degree in medical psychology in Kursk State Medical University (Russia) specialized in psychiatry, and obtained her PhD in psychiatry in Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry (Russia) in 2010, where she worked afterwards as a Senior Researcher. Since 2012, Dr. Zaytseva is a research associate in the Institute of Medical Psychology and Human Science Centre, Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich (Germany). Since 2014 Dr. Zaytseva keeps a position of Senior Researcher in Prague Psychiatric Centre and later on in the Department of Applied Neurosciences and Brain Imaging, National Institute of Mental Health (Czech Republic). In NIMH, she is a head of the group of Cognitive and Social Neurosciences. The areas of her scientific expertise are: schizophrenia, cognition and social cognition, self processing, motor actions, mirror neurons, time perception, EEG, fMRI, brain connectivity.


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