Clinical specialization

NIMH is an accredited centre for specialist preparation for doctors in the field of psychiatry and psychology in the sphere of clinical psychology. In addition to practical preparation in the form of sabbaticals in the clinical section, teaching also incorporates clinical seminars on current topics from these fields. Professor Cyril Höschl is a guarantor of specialised education for the field of psychiatry at the 3rd Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and the Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology, and Dr. Pavla Stopková is a guarantor for the field of paediatric and adolescent psychiatry. In 2016 12 doctors and 16 psychologists underwent specialist training at the NIMH clinic.

Professor Cyril Höschl, Professor Jiří Horáček and Professor Lucie Bankovská Motlová are approved examiners for the attestation xamination in the field of psychiatry, and Dr. Pavla Stopková for the attestation examination in the field of paediatric and adolescent psychiatry.


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