Department of Sleep Medicine

Head of the department
MUDr. Jitka Bušková, Ph.D.
Eliška Maršíková (Head nurse)
telephone:(+420) 283 088 400, (+420) 283 088 261


Sleep and wake disorders have become an important socio-economic issue in developed countries. Some of the features related to the development of sleep and wake disorders are well-known and it is possible to eliminate them without any professional help (such as work-related extreme stress, irregular working hours, inappropriate sleep hygiene or a relation of some forms of sleep and wake disorders with obesity). On the contrary, some other forms of sleep and wake disorders require an examination by a specialist in the field of sleep and wake disorders.

Practical experience suggests that especially in the field of sleep medicine an interdisciplinary cooperation between neurologists and psychiatrists is particularly beneficial, especially as it leads to a better understanding of the causes of sleep and wake disorders and to a more accurate assessment of the therapeutic strategy needed.

Insomnia belongs to the most common symptoms that physicians encounter in their daily practice. Along with previously mentioned inappropriate habits that might contradict a high quality night sleep, insomnia might be caused by strictly organic causes or accompany psychiatric disorders (such as mood disorders or anxiety).

Additionally, the cooperation between neurologists and psychiatrists is essentially significant for the management of night-occurring seizures that could have either neurological origin (such as epilepsy, waking up with confusion, somnambulism, night mares, REM sleep behavior disorders or many others) or are part of some other psychiatric disorder (such as dissociative disorder, panic attacks or post-traumatic stress disorder). Similarly, equally broad causes, exceeding the borders of individual specialties could be found in disorders related to hypersomnia.

Within the Czech Republic, this close cross-disciplinary connection and collaboration is entirely unique and leads to another outstanding quality of the department, which is broad range of treatment options, both pharmacological and in psychotherapy.



How to schedule a visit

Patients are invited to the clinic ONLY upon a request of their GP, neurologist, psychiatrist, Otorhinolaryngologist or pneumologist, which is accompanied by a detailed description of patients’ sleep related disorder.


Contact details

We kindly ask you to schedule an appointment at our clinic by phone (Mo-Fr 9.00-12.00 am) or by email:

Phone No.: 283 088 400 

Email address: 


Actual inpatient staff


MUDr. Jitka Bušková, Ph.D.
MUDr. Radana Králová
MUDr. Tereza Vorlová


Mgr. Monika Kliková, Ph.D.
Mgr. Karolína Janků, Ph.D.

Head nurse

Eliška Maršíková

Mgr. Hana Machoňová
Jana Tláskalová
Mgr. Hana Šťastná, Dis.
Romana Klinecká, Dis.
Bc. Kateřina Spisarová
Petra Havelková


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