Advanced Brain Studies and Consciousness Research Center

Head of the department
prof. MUDr. Jiří Horáček, Ph.D., FCMA
Pavlína Gembicky (coordinator)
telephone:(+420) 739 404 102


The Center is focused on advanced analysis of neuroimaging, psychological, and behavioral data. Research activities are linked to the relationship between conscious experience and brain processes, including their dynamics assessed in EEG and fMRI time series. This area includes the assessment of the relationship between pharmacologically induced changes in the psyche and their neurobiological and clinical correlates. Other research activities concern the development of new models of mental disorders to bridge the identified problems of older models and their translational testing.

A separate research area is the study of temporal perception and its relationship in the pathophysiology of mental disorders. In addition, the Center studies the neurobiology of image and aesthetic experience, saliency theory, cognitive and neural mechanisms of the impact of media messages on mental health, the underlying decision-making processes, and the assessment of aberrant error signaling (in OCD), including the related issue of brain network coordination and their causal interactions. 


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