Clinical Research Program - Workgroups

Electrophysiological therapeutic predictors

Head: Brunovský, Martin, MUDr., Ph.D.

Psychiatric disorders are associated with substantial impact on quality of life, not least due to an unsatisfactory time span of sometimes several ...

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Clinical contract research

Head: Kohútová, Barbora, MUDr. Mgr., Ph.D.

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Applied Technology in Neuroscience - (ATiN)

Head: Koudelka, Vlastimil, Ing., Ph.D.

Vision ...

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Head: Rodriguez Manchola, Mabel Virginia, PhDr., Ph.D.

The main research activity of the Neurocognition Working Group is focused on the clinical application of a combination of imaging (MRI, EEG) and ...

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Cognitive disorders: neurobiology, diagnostics, treatment and comprehensive care

Head: Bartoš, Aleš, prof. MUDr., Ph.D.

Department of Cognitive Disorders was established as a new unit of the National Institute of Mental Health in Klecany in 2015. It is also called AD ...

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Development of psychological methods for research and clinical practice

Head: Preiss, Marek, doc. PhDr., Ph.D.

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Non-invasive brain stimulation

Head: Klírová, Monika, doc. MUDr., Ph.D.

Non-invasive brain stimulation lab was developed in conjunction with the repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation laboratory, which began its work ...

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