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The Czech Science Foundation

Socio-economic Determinants of Premature Mortality Related to Alcohol and Tobacco Use – Spatially Integrated Approach (18-17564S)
Investigator: Mgr. Ladislav Kážmér, Ph.D.
Principle investigator: NIMH
Duration: 1.1.2018–31.12.2020
Total budget NIMH: 2 871 000 CZK
Abstract: Substance use is universally recognized as a leading cause of morbidity and premature death. From a global perspective, Czechia belongs to the countries with the highest per capita consumption of alcohol and tobacco. The level of substance use is considered to be influenced by both structural and environmental factors. Therefore, the focus of this project is a detailed evaluation of socio-spatial inequalities of substance-use-related premature mortality of the Czech population. Advanced statistical methods of spatial data analysis will be applied in the project. The main benefit will be the identification of compact micro-regions with a significantly increased mortality risk. The analysis will be conducted with a detailed spatial resolution at the municipal level. The project will also focus on 1.) mortality related to alcohol and tobacco; 2.) social composition of the population living in regions; 3.) gender specific differences; 4.) spatial-temporal changes after 2000. The project outcomes can serve for efficient planning of both socially and spatially targeted interventions.

Minority Stress in Non-heterosexuals in the Czech Republic (19-14801S)
Investigator: RNDr. Michal Pitoňák, Ph.D.
Principle investigator: NIMH
Duration: 1.1.2019–31.12.2021
Total budget NIMH: 3 414 000 CZK
Abstract: Foreign studies have shown that non-heterosexuals, above all adolescents, have higher prevalence of mental disorders (depression, anxiety disorders), increased use of addictive substances (including tobacco and alcohol use) and higher suicidality compared to heterosexuals. These further correlate with a higher rate of risky sexual behavior, which increases the risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), primarily HIV infection. These phenomena are repeatedly associated with so-called minority stress in foreign literature, which, in the population of non-heterosexuals, is beyond the stresses of other people. Verifying the theory of minority stress in the Czech Republic will contribute not only to increase of our understanding of the quality of mental health of non-heterosexuals and the efficiency and availability of preventive and therapeutic programs for this population that can contribute to mental well-being and reduction in psychiatric morbidity in this part of the population.


The Technology Agency of The Czech Republic

Effectiveness of the System of Addictology Services in the Czech Republic in Connection with the COVID-19 Pandemic (TL04000382)
Investigator: Mgr. Barbora Orlíková, Ph.D.
Principle investigator: NIMH
Partner: CETA – Centrum ekonomických a tržních analýz, z.ú.; University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem
Duration: 1.10.2020–30.9.2022
Total budget: 3 706 069 Kč
Total Budget NIMH: 1 371 207 Kč
Abstract: Aim of the project is to analyse current system of addictology services in the Czech Republic in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. The project focuses on measuring the effectiveness of this public service related to one of the most vulnerable society groups. Based on unique primary data from employees and clients of addictology centres and representatives of public administration, we will create a comprehensive list of outputs (Nmet, Hneleg, Vsouhrn, Nmap and O-expert studies) which will help to better set up the system in connection with addictive behaviour in regions of the Czech Republic. A key component of the project will also be the methodological interconnection of macroeconomic, behavioural and addictological approaches (rapid assessment analysis) in public administration.




Communitary Programmes of European Union

DG Justice - Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme 2014-2020

Communitary Programmes of European Commission- Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme 2014-2020

Supporting Wellbeing and Integration of Transgender Victims in Care environments with Holistic Approach (Justice 881635)
Investigator: PhDr. Pavla Doležalová, Ph.D.
Principle investigator: Perseo Spa Impresa Sociale (IT) Co-investigators/Partners: NIMH, Paradigma (IT), Fundacio Parc Tauli (S), Transparent z.s. (CR), Mirada Local SL (S), Azienda Unita Sanitaria Locale Di Reggio Emilia (IT)
Duration: 1.4.2020–31.3.202
Total budget:516 542,5 EUR, EU subsidy 413 234 EUR
Total budget NIMH: 72 920,5 EUR, EU subsidy 58 336,4 EUR
Abstract: The general objective is to promote compassionate services to assist properly transgender and intersex survivors (TI) by enhancing competencies of psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapist and other social workers (direct target). TI people high exposition to discrimination and harassment exacerbate their risk for mental disorders, addictions and suicide (APA, 2015). Despite the need for healthcare assistance, the relationship with public services remains problematic, also due to the staffs’ implicit prejudices, and poor preparation (Carroll et al., 2012). The indirect target are TI victims of violence and their relatives. The project activities are: A model design including theoretical background, training system for professionals, supporting tools for TI; Training implementation including a training of trainers for trainers of the partnership and pilot training courses for the professionals involved; Networking and supporting tools implementation including MoU among public and private entities providing for TI supports, self-help groups promotion and information supports for both professionals and TI and their relatives; Results monitoring and dissemination. Expected outcomes are: Improvement of TI needs knowledge and awareness: 180 among professionals involved will be trained in the 3 partner Countries. They will be trained by 21 expert trainers coming from the SWITCH partnership; Start-up of a networking activity among public health care bodies and TI people private centres and associations including Recommendations to health care regional authorities in all Countries to support TI’s health ekvity; Improvement in wellbeing of TI victims through the start-up of 3 self-help groups in the partner Countries for about 90 TIs aiming identity integration and support; TI issues awareness increasing of the public: stakeholders of public and private of social health services as well as TI association will attend final workshops in the partner Countries.

Make the Difference – Working Together for Children in Households with Addiction Issues (MAKE THE DIFFERENCE) (JUST 881738)
Investigator: Mgr. Barbora Orlíková, Ph.D.
Principle investigator: Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe Co-investigators/Partners: NIMH, Zorggroep Zin, Departament de Salut – Generalitat de Catalunya, Forum Prevenzione Onlus, Stichting Tactus Verslavingszorg, Irefrea – Instituto Europeu de Investigacao de Factores de Risco de Crianca e Adolescentes, Obcianske Zdruzenie Prevencia, Kentro Prolipsis Ton Eksartisseon Ke Proagogis Psychokinonikis, Enkaiseva Painhdetyo Ehyt Ry Forebyggande Rusmedelsarbere, Kentro Enimerosis Kai Therapeias Exartimenon Atomon Kenthea Limited, Nacionalni Institut aa Javno Zdravje, Arbeiterwohlfahrt Kreisverband Siegen Wittgenstein Olpe
Duration: 1.5.2021–30.4.2023
Total budget:74 698,84 EUR
Total budget NIMH: 74 698,84 EUR

Rise Up Against anti-LGBTI Hate Crimes (RISE UP) (JUST 963772)
Investigator: RNDr. Michal Pitoňák, Ph.D.
Principle investigator: Prague Pride z.s. Co-investigators: NUDZ; In IUSTITIA o.p.s.
Duration: 1.1.2021–31.12.2022
Total budget: 312 480,00 EUR
Total budget NIMH: 59 090 EUR
The overall objective of the project is to improve the well-being of LGBTI people in the Czech Republic through systematic shift in preventing and combating intolerance, in particular anti-LGBTI hate speech and hate crimes, by all actors including decision makers and civil society. Through creating benchmarking we will improve data collection and mapping of homophobic / transphobic intolerance so we will receive long term comparative data. We will pilot this benchmarking on LGBTI discrimination survey. Other specific goal is to instigate such legislative and policy changes that will improve access to justice for victims of homophobic / transphobic crimes. We create and advocate for implementation of set of recommendations in this area. Through work with the Czech Police we will increase the trust among LGBTI community in the ability to investigate anti-LGBTI attacks. We will create a Toolkit and pilot training for law enforcement agencies. Our goal is also to raise awareness and empower LGBTI people in our country that will lead to a dialog shift. We will run awareness raising campaign with community in person meetings and online and offline tools. We will also improve prevention and victim support services through training, and capacity building. The target group of the project are LGBTI people and professionals working with victims of homophobic and transphobic intolerance. The project proposal directly implements The European Commission List of Actions and will look at implementation of Victims's directive from LGBTI perspective. The proposed project will have a multiplier effect through best practices sharing, especially among neighbouring countries.



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